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COMPETITIVE PRICES – More so than ever, price is a major concern for most builders. At CBC, we painstakingly search out the best prices for top quality raw materials. We then pass this savings on to you. We pride ourselves on being as flexible as possible to meet the pricing needs of our customers.

PERSONAL CONTACT – Although CBC serves Maryland, Virginia and Delaware, we continue to treat our clients as if we were right next door. We firmly believe that if we provide service superior to any other supplier, we will be successful. Our salespeople, as well as all upper management, are easily accessible.

EXPERIENCE – All of CBC’s personnel have extensive experience in the building industry, and are keenly aware of what you need from us to be successful.

DELIVERY – We at CBC make it our highest priority to deliver on the day requested. Most of our delivery fleet is equipped with cranes for unloading. With crane unloading, there is less chance of breakage and greater flexibility in the location and placement of materials.

LEAD TIME – CBC’s management has committed itself to providing delivery within three weeks of ordering already engineered components. This is regardless of the time of year or number of orders. Of course, in slower times, we can deliver with less lead time. It is important to CBC that our customers are able to rely on our delivery dates.

LOCATION – CBC is located in Easton, Maryland, which is within minutes of Northern Virginia, Delaware, and most of Maryland. This means you will receive your product no more than three hours after it leaves our facility. Many of our competitors have much longer drives and delivery. A shorter delivery time means less chance of delivery problems and lower delivery cost.

LIMITED PRODUCT LINE – We do only what we can do best. Successful companies limit their product lines to those lines that they feel they can do best. CBC supplies Wall Panels, Floor Trusses, and Roof Trusses only. Unlike some other suppliers, we do not undercut our components’ price only to charge far too much for windows, doors or stairs. If you want building components done the right way, call us.

Chesapeake Building Components searches out good quality companies to do business with. We look for firms that want a long term supplier-builder relationship, which is mutually beneficial to both. There are many suppliers in the market today, and we feel the only way to set ourselves apart from the rest is by consistently doing superior work. We feel the old world values of hard work and good service are the keys to success and we try to live up to these goals each and every day. Words mean very little without appropriate action. So please contact some of our builder references to ensure that we live up to our promises.

We look forward to hearing from you and possibly adding your firm to our long list of satisfied customers.

Contact our sales representatives today to learn how Chesapeake Building Components can meet your company's growing needs!

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