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Why Should I Use Open Web Floor Trusses Built By
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MORE EFFICIENT – CBC Floor Trusses can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to common frame a floor system because there is typically less pieces to handle. Save construction time and interest costs with CBC Floor Trusses.

MATERIAL QUALITY – 2 X 10’s and 2 X 12’s vary in depth, while Floor Trusses are always uniform. There is no shrinkage of Floor Trusses as there is with 2x material, nor is there any crown or lumber falloff.

GREATER FLEXIBILITY – With Floor Trusses, most, if not all, of the heating duct lines and plumbing lines can be run in the floor system. This means less headers and more open areas. Floor Trusses can be built in greater depths such as 12”, 14”, 16” or more, allowing for greater clear spans than could be obtained with 2 X 12’s. The top of a Floor Truss is 3-1/2” wide, which provides a wider surface than conventional framing for supporting and gluing down plywood.

SUPERIOR ENGINEERING – CBC’s Floor Trusses are actually designed and engineered by experts. The designs are sealed by a certified engineer guaranteeing that the floor system meets all codes and design criteria. Our engineers often discover and correct architectural design problems prior to the builder having to discover them on the job site

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