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Why Should I Use I-Joists From Chesapeake Building Components, Inc.?

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MATERIAL COSTS – Our I-Joists use less raw material and offer more consistent performance than traditional products and methods making I-Joists a natural for "Green" building.

UNIFORMITY – Our I-Joists provide solid, true and uniform floors and ceilings for residential and commercial construction.

QUALITY – Chesapeake Building Components' I-Joists are machine made for precise, straight lines that stay straight, they are stronger pound for pound than traditional solid sawn lumber joists and are less likely to split, shrink, twist, warp or crown.

CARPENTRY COST – Our I-Joists are versatile, with deep depths, wide flanges and long span capability that allows you to engineer the structural components of floors and ceilings with fewer pieces, saving material costs and installation time.

SUPERIOR ENGINEERING – We combine laminated veneer lumber (LVL) with a web of oriented strand board (OSB) to produce and I-shaped structural member. The webs allow plumbing and wiring to pass through without extra framing , no bending, making Chesapeake Building Components I-Joists ideal for long spans in floors, ceilings and roofs.

At Chesapeake Building Components, we pride ourselves in doing what has to be done to do the job right! Contact our sales representatives today to learn how Chesapeake Building Components can meet your company's growing needs!

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