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Why Should I Use Roof Trusses Built By Chesapeake Building Components, Inc.?

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MORE EFFICIENT – CBC Roof Trusses can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to common frame a unit. Pay less in construction interest costs and have your units closed in faster with CBC Roof Trusses.

REDUCE MATERIAL COSTS – A trussed roof uses as much as 50% less board feet of lumber than a common framed roof. By using Roof Trusses, the builder purchases less lumber and saves money.

SUPERIOR QUALITY – Our Roof Trusses are manufactured according to CBC’s specific Quality Control criteria. The Trusses are built in an atmosphere that is protected from the elements and on machinery specifically manufactured for this task. Each Truss is the same as the last, therefore avoiding the variances that occur with 2 X 10 and 2 X 12 rafters. With Trusses, you roof is truer, your lines straighter and more uniform.

NO THEFT – Roof Trusses are seldom stolen off of a project, unlike 2 X 10 or 2 X 12 joists. In some areas, theft of conventional lumber can account for up to 25% of the cost of materials.

UNIFORMITY – Roof Trusses for a particular unit type are built the same every time. With Roof Trusses, there is little likelihood that the carpenter could frame the roof of similar units differently. This allows the builder to further ensure consistency in the cost of each unit.

REDUCE CARPENTRY COST – Any carpenter should spend far less time constructing a roof using Roof Trusses than with common framing of the roof. Most carpenters therefore can give a credit for the use of the trusses.

NO MATERIAL DAMAGE – In general, loose framing lumber is exposed to the elements longer than Roof Trusses. CBC can deliver the Roof Truss package for immediate erection and avoid damage on the job. The builder does not have to pay to replace damaged lumber.

LESS MATERIAL WASTE – The cost to dispose of construction waste increases yearly. With Roof Trusses, the waste is decreased significantly as compared to the waste created by common framing. Less waste means lower costs to the builder.

SUPERIOR ENGINEERING – CBC’s engineers address many architectural problems prior to the unit reaching the jobsite. All Roof Trusses can be sealed by a certified engineer ensuring that it meets all codes and design criteria. This ensures the structural integrity of the Trusses.

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