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Why Should I Use Wall Panels Built By Chesapeake Building Components, Inc.?

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EFFICIENCY – Time is money. A CBC panelized structure can be built roughly 30% faster than a stick built structure. Even in slow times, it’s to the builder’s benefit to get the unit closed in as soon as possible. Pay less construction interest by using CBC Wall Panels.

MATERIAL COSTS – CBC’s large purchasing power allows us to buy lumber and sheathing directly from the mills for less. This savings is passed on to the builder. Panels also allow the builder to standardize the lumber takeoff because the carpenter is much less likely to misuse materials.

QUALITY – Our Wall Panels are manufactured according to CBC’s specific Quality Control criteria. The Panels are built on machinery specifically designed for this purpose, and are built in an environmentally controlled atmosphere. Poor quality materials are weeded out during the manufacturing process. The result is a house built better than on stick built on the job.

THEFT – Unlike loose lumber, Wall Panels are not easily stolen off a project. In some areas, theft of conventional lumber can account for as much as 25% cost overrun. If theft is a concern, consider the use of Wall Panels.

UNIFORMITY – Wall Panels for a particular unit are built the same every time. Therefore, the units being built do not vary from one another, no matter who the carpenter may be. This forces each unit to be built the same as the last, allowing the builder to ensure consistency in the cost of each unit.

CARPENTRY COST – Panel carpenters can build a structure faster with CBC panels than with loose lumber. This allows the carpenter to give a credit to you, the builder, and still make more money themselves.

MATERIAL DAMAGE – In general, loose lumber is exposed to the elements longer than Wall Panels. The possibility of damage to the materials is therefore greater. CBC can deliver the Wall Panels for immediate erection and avoid damage.

MATERIAL WASTE – The cost to dispose of construction waste increases yearly. With Wall Panels, the waste is decreased significantly as compared to the waste created by stick building. Less waste means lower costs to the builder.

SUPERIOR ENGINEERING – To panelize a house, CBC’s engineers address many architectural problems long before they reach your jobsite.

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